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Hey Everyone! My name is Lindsey and I'm a 23 year old Speech Pathology grad student! I'm passionate about nutrition and fitness and I want to share my fitness journey with all of you! Vegan since March 2013 :)

Coffee this morning in my new mug from Urban Outfitters ☕️ #coffee #morning #urbanoutfitters #yummy

More quotes about life here

Since my mom can’t cook right now because of her accident, I’ve taken over as head chef, which means vegan meals all day! Dinner was stirfry surprise (I just kind of threw things in the skillet) and it was soooooo good. 🍜🍚🍲

I wish I could just travel all the time.



my former algebra teacher puts a stamp of her own face onto your quiz or test if you get a perfect score

i shit you not


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